A Wrate Engineering Ltd offer a full range of facilities including:

  • CNC Turning and Milling
  • Conventional Turning and Milling
  • Second Operations including Drilling and Tapping
  • Surface and Cylindrical Grinding
  • Assembly Operations
  • CNC Engraving
  • Full Component Inspection and Reporting including SPC analysis via our CMM'S
  • The following services are available through our network of Approved subcontractors, controlled and monitored through our registered Quality Management System

    • Wire and Spark Erosion
    • Sheet Metal Fabrication
    • Welding and Brazing
    • Heat Treatment
    • Bead Blasting
    • Polishing
    • Powder Coating
    • Painting
    • Chemical Surface Treatments such as Phosphating, Hard and Decorative Anodising
    • Anodic Surface Treatments such as Chrome, Silver and Gold Plating