A Wrate Engineering Ltd

Precision Engineering That Really Delivers

Established in London in 1973, A Wrate Engineering Ltd. are precision engineers, specialising in manufacturing components to customers requirements.
With extensive equipment, knowledge and experience we are confident we can both meet and exceed your expectations.
We offer fast quotations, competitive pricing and accurate lead times.
A.Wrate Engineering Co. employs a highly skilled and adaptable workforce who are committed to customer satisfaction and are dedicated in their efforts to achieve this goal.
Using ISO 9001 as a management tool we are able to maintain a position at the forefront of exceptional quality standards. In addition we are supported by proven suppliers and subcontractors who understand our requirements and expectations of product and service quality.
This allows us to offer fast and accurate quotations, competitive pricing, acceptable lead times and a much more
robust approach to any enquiry from a one off prototype to batch production.
All our manufacturing is controlled by our own unique database which allows us to ensure that customer delivery expectations can be met, quality requirements can be specified and raw materials and other resources are in place and available.


A Wrate Engineering Ltd recognise the expectations of their customers in demanding a quality product, at the right price, on time, every time. To ensure this, the company have invested in the implementation of a Quality Management System based on both the needs of the company and the expectations of their customers. Close liaisons with all key suppliers to ensure that only products and services, which fully conform to requirements are available to our customers and encouragement of those sources to join with us in a commitment to a zero defect environment, both in terms of product and service quality.

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A Wrate Engineering Plant List 2022

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  • 112 Windmill Road, Shepperton, Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 7HB, UK